You’re a member of a talking club (run ruthlessly by Vanessa Bayer) and you say things like, “It’s so funny to think that all the raccoons in the world are asleep.” Somehow, the relentlessly optimistic couple doesn’t become a viewer during their 100-minute runtime. Director Josh Greenbaum’s work is straightforward and wisely lets these girls just do their thing.

When their careers in a furniture store take a nosedive, Barb and Star choose a Florida vacation. “Maybe something tells us to do something different,” Star tells Barb. To which Barb replies, “Should we try these single toe socks?”

In Florida they go on a revenge planned by a James Bond-like villain (also Wiig) who wants to destroy their hometown Vista Del Mar with killer mosquitoes because the residents were mean to her as a child. The hint that she is evil comes quickly; Your hiding place has an elevator with a button that says “hiding place”.

There are roles for Jamie Dornan as a love interest, Damon Wayans Jr. as a bumblebee spy, Reba McEntire as a water sprite, and a hysterical twist from Andy García as Tommy Bahama who delivers that line without breaking: “It’s time to get on the wind and ride it with the ferocity of a hippopotamus. “

Wiig and Mumolo are also behind many of the movie’s songs, including the piano song “I Love Boobies” and “Edgar’s Prayer” which is delivered to Seagulls. Of course there are also classic beach bum songs like “Cheeseburger in Paradise” and “Key Largo”.