Even At Nearly 3 AM, Joe Biden Was Still Putting The Screws To Kevin McCarthy

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Even At Nearly 3 AM, Joe Biden Was Still Putting The Screws To Kevin McCarthy

In the wee hours of the morning, as most Americans were sound asleep, Joe Biden was still hard at work. The President was reportedly still engaged in a tense phone call with House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy as late as 2:45 am. The topic of their conversation was the Jan. 6th Capitol riots investigation, and things were apparently getting heated. Even though it was nearly 3 am on the East Coast, Joe Biden was still putting the screws to Kevin McCarthy.

The Jan. 6th Capitol riots were a dark day in American history. The violent insurrection, which left five people dead and many more injured, was sparked by false claims of election fraud made by President Donald Trump and his allies. In the aftermath of the riots, Congress launched an investigation into what happened and why. As part of that investigation, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi formed a select committee to look into the matter. However, the committee is facing opposition from Republicans who don’t believe it’s necessary or who want to keep certain details of the riots under wraps.

That’s where Joe Biden comes in. Since becoming President, Biden has made it clear that he believes the investigation is essential to understanding what happened on Jan. 6th and preventing something similar from happening again. However, Republicans have been resistant to the idea, with many accusing Democrats of using the investigation for political purposes. Kevin McCarthy, in particular, has been critical of the committee, and he even threatened to pull all of his appointees from the committee when Pelosi rejected two of his picks.

This is where the late-night phone call comes in. According to reports, Biden and McCarthy were discussing the committee’s formation and the possibility of appointing additional members when things started to get heated. Biden reportedly pushed back against McCarthy’s criticisms of the investigation, arguing that it was necessary to understand what happened and prevent future violence. However, McCarthy was apparently adamant that the committee was unnecessary and that Republicans wouldn’t participate in it.

Despite the seemingly insurmountable differences between the two, Biden remained committed to finding common ground. He reportedly told McCarthy that he was willing to work with him to appoint additional members to the committee, but that it would require a willingness to compromise. Biden also reiterated his belief that the investigation was essential to getting to the bottom of what happened on Jan. 6th.

The phone call highlights the larger issue at play here: the division between Democrats and Republicans, and their differing views on the Jan. 6th riots investigation. Republicans argue that the investigation is biased and political, while Democrats believe it is necessary to uncover the truth about what happened that day. The two sides are at an impasse, with neither willing to budge.

Biden’s willingness to stay up until nearly 3 am to talk to McCarthy shows just how committed he is to finding a way forward. Despite the late hour and the seemingly unresolvable differences between the two, Biden remained cordial and engaged throughout the phone call. This is a stark contrast to his predecessor, Donald Trump, who was known for his explosive temper and unwillingness to negotiate.

The phone call also highlights the importance of communication and compromise in politics. In a time when the country is more divided than ever, it’s crucial that our leaders are willing to bridge the gap and find common ground. Biden’s approach to governing may not always be popular with his own party or with Republicans, but his commitment to working towards consensus is something that should be lauded.

In conclusion, the late-night phone call between Joe Biden and Kevin McCarthy may seem like a small thing, but it’s indicative of the larger issue at play: the political divide in this country. It’s unclear whether the two sides will be able to find a way forward on the Jan. 6th riots investigation, but Biden’s commitment to working towards a resolution is something that should give us all hope. It’s a reminder that in these trying times, it’s the leaders who are willing to put in the work, even at nearly 3 am, who will have the greatest impact.