LAS VEGAS (KTNV) – Some live shows are not returning to the real estate operated by Caesars Entertainment in Las Vegas, leaving hundreds of workers unemployed.

This announcement came as a shock to many of the artists and crews working behind the scenes, but the impact extends well beyond these venues.

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“It’s a little heartbreaking because it’s another roadblock to getting back on stage,” said Danielle Flahive, an actress with Crazy Girls, whose show has been canceled for the time being.

The X Rocks Vegas Show at Bally’s is gone for now, and co-producer Matt Stabile says the crew lost more than just their jobs.

“We vacillated after 7 years of openness and these girls became family members and close friends and then suddenly something is taken away from them. We’ll try to use them in our other productions, “said Stabile, who also produces X Burlesque at Flamingo and X Country at Harrah’s.

Meanwhile, the financial ramifications couldn’t just resonate with the performers, including many facets of running a theater show, including PR, marketing, administrative positions, and more.