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Both the contestants and their horses came in all sizes, but they had one thing in common during the Dawes County Fair’s Youth Rodeo the evening of Monday, Aug. 1. All exerted lots of energy and provided outstanding entertainment during the three hours of non-stop action.

Some of the cowboys and cowgirls were only 6 years old and were competing for the first time. All of their mounts were probably older than that and were more experienced. Staying safe and taking care of one another seemed to be an issue even at times when the rider maybe wanted to go faster. Thankfully, there were no mishaps or runaways.

At the other end of the spectrum, there were teenagers who were more daring and put things in high gear, as fast as their horses would go. The competition was keen. Some were more successful than others, just like it is at all sports-related events.

Leading that list was Burr Underwood, a 9-year old from Alliance. He was first in nearly all the Junior events, winning the barrel race, the pole bending, the flag race and the breakaway roping while claiming the Junior All-Around Cowboy honors. The only thing he didn’t win was the goat tail snatch, and he placed third in it.

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It wasn’t Burr’s first rodeo. During the previous 10 days he also was the all-around cowboy in his division at Alliance and Lusk. He was well-mounted. He brought four horses to the Chadron rodeo and used each of them in one event or the other.

The Junior All-Around Cowgirl was Kaia Hunter. She was second in both the flag race and the goat tail snatch and placed third in the barrels.

The Senior All-Around Cowgirl was Nevaeh Wild, who prevailed in both the barrel race and the pole bending. She used the same black mare, named Flicka, in both of the events. The Senior All-Around Cowboy was Jack Phillips, who was the flag race winner and a member of the second place team roping entry.

The Intermediate All-Arounds were Hadley Shrewsbury, who was the flag race winner in that division to help claim the cowgirl honors, and Hudson Ebmeier, who emerged as the top cowboy after placing second in the pole bending and was third in both the barrels and goat tying.

The top contestants in each event and their times:

Mutton Busting—1, Colton Gruver, 26 seconds; 2, Truett Kearns, 17.1; 3, Craig Butler, 13.9; 4, Trey Gruver, 11.47.

Junior Barrel Racing—1, Burr Underwood, 18.87 seconds; 2, Bryce Hoffman, 19.24; 3, Kaia Hunter, 19.29; 4, Tallyn Chesley, 20.55.

Intermediate Barrel Racing—1, Tygh Miller, 12.12; 2, Matthew Lien, 12.13; 3, Hudson Ebmeier, 12.50; 4, Tierney Miller, 14.09.

Senior Barrel Racing—1, Nevaeh Wild, 18.3 seconds; 2, Jakelyn Calkins, 19.4; 3, Jayda Meyring, 18.7; 4, Jace Lien, 18.8.

Junior Pole Bending—1, Burr Underwood, 22.39 seconds; 2, Bryce Hoffman, 25.69; 3, Taya Hruby, 26.82; 4, Harper Ebmeier, 26.91.

Intermediate Pole Bending—1, Ty Bridgman, 12.58 seconds; 2, Hudson Ebmeier, 24.27; 3, Tyan Hruby, 24.29; 4, Tehgan Prosser, 24.24.

Senior Pole Bending—1, Nevaeh Wild, 21.97 seconds; 2, Jace Lien, 22.36; 3, Kadence Wild, 23.79; 4, Blair Henry, 24.42.

Junior Flag Race—1, Burr Underwood, 6.22 seconds; 2, Kaia Hunter, 7.88; 3, Oakley Bridgman, 8.90; 4, Jasper Morava, 9.78.

Intermediate Flag Race—1, Hadley Shrewsbury, 5.90; 2, Karsyn Chesley, 6.55; 3, Aubree Shrewsbury, 6.61; 4, Tyan Hruby, 6.89.

Senior Flag Race—1, Jack Phillips, 6.58; 2, Taylor Kramer, 7.27; 3, Kadence Wild, 7.47; 4, Jayda Meyring, 7.61.

Junior Goat Tail Snatch—1, Bryce Hoffman, 7.53; 2, Kaia Hunter, 7.65; 3, Burr Underwood, 8.11; 4. Truett Kearns, 9.52.

Intermediate Goat Tying—1, Tygh Miller, 12.12; 2, Matthew Lien, 12.13; 3, Hudson Edmeier, 12.50; 4, Tierney Miller, 14.09.

Senior Goat Tying—1, Jack Phillips, 12.60; 2, Blair Henry, 13.66; 3, Jayda Meyring, 15.55; 4, Ella Hyer, 15.84.

Team Roping—1, Gabe and Garrett Glines, 12.78 seconds; 2, Trell Shrewsbury and Jack Phillips, 14.4; 3, Matthew and Jace Lien, 15.38; 4, Paden Morava and Leo Drinkwalter, 17.08.

Junior Breakaway Roping—1, Burr Underwood; 2, Bryce Hoffman.

Senior Breakaway Roping—1, Trell Shrewsbury, 2.13 seconds; 2, Garrett Glines, 2.73; 3, Blair Henry, 2.87; 4, Gabe Glines, 2.91.

Senior Calf Roping—1, Matthew Lien.

Mini Bull Riding—1, Jayce Hyer; 2, Bryce Hoffman.

Junior Bull Riding—Jhett Nordick.

Junior All-Around Cowgirl—Kaia Hunter. Junior All-Around Cowboy—Burr Underwood.

Intermediate All-Around Cowgirl— Hadley Shrewsbury. Intermediate All-Around Cowboy—Hudson Ebmeier

Senior All-Around Cowgirl—Nevaeh Wild. Senior All-Around Cowboy—Jack Phillips.

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