‘Farzi’ review: Gripping series from the makers of ‘Family Man’

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Raj & DK’s crime comedy ‘Farzi’ may be reminiscent of ‘Money Heist’’s plot in the first episode — law-abiding citizens from the ‘lowered’ and middle classes struggling in every sphere of their lives — a consequence of capitalism and the system it supports, politically and socially. However, it deviates into a much more Indian context and radically changes course.

The series’ cast is outstanding, with names like Amol Palekar, Vijay Sethupathi, Kay Kay Menon and Shahid Kapoor.

Sunny’s (Shahid Kapoor) remark in the first episode, “We aren’t middle class, we are middle-finger-class,” pretty much sums up why the characters delve into transgression. While avarice is a reason for the characters’ felonious acts, it is essentially a result of the chance circumstances of being born impoverished.

The series depicts how talented artists suffer in varied settings and how the world lacks an appreciation for true art.

Given its core premise of middle-class woes, the series is something that most
Indian populace would relate to. It has plenty of comic relief, too.

Vijay Sethupathi, a fiery coming-of-age cop, steals the show, as does the iconic Amol Palekar. Palekar’s return to OTT is a refreshing shift. Shahid excels as Sunny, and even as the protagonist, he remains low-key and avoids being overly flashy. Kay Kay fills in brilliantly as the antagonist Mansoor, giving the drama, the punch and the weight the show requires to be whole.

The series is so well-researched that it sometimes feels like an instruction manual for making counterfeit notes — which is the show’s premise.

With a phenomenal script using simple language to portray profound emotions, the series has the potential to keep the audience glued through the eight episodes.

Farzi is unquestionably one of Raj & DK’s best efforts — and that’s saying a lot, given the duo’s forte and their stellar record.