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Film theaters, leisure sector start to rebound


ODESSA, Texas (KOSA) – For many, the weekend means catching the latest blockbuster. But the cinema isn’t just about the show.

It means popcorn and an ice cold drink, which many people haven’t experienced in a year. That changes quickly.

“We have always been confident that we will be back in this position sooner rather than later,” said Christopher Maples, general manager of Cinergy.

Maples has been with Cinergy for nearly four years. He watched the pandemic devastate the theaters; He’s now witnessing their comeback.

“We’re going there,” he said. “Faster than expected, which brings a lot of challenges.”

It is these challenges that occupy Maples’ Day. The Labor Department’s March employment report painted an optimistic picture for the entertainment sector, which grew by 64,000 jobs.

“You know, we hope to be closer to 100% by May when school is free for the summer,” said Maples. “Based on these numbers, I only have to hire about a hundred more team members [the Odessa] Location.”

According to Maples, 75% of business has returned before the pandemic. That’s far better than last April when Cinergy wasn’t doing any business at all.

He attributes the increase to more people being vaccinated and a monster-sized movie.

“Godzilla vs. Kong has really increased our sales dramatically,” he said.

And with the money monsters by his side, Cinergy is ready for Easter and beyond.

“We just want to be filled with the best team we can as soon as possible.”

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