Animated films have long outgrown their children’s clothing. As any true movie lover can attest, animated films today rub the best live action films of all time. What used to be relegated mainly to the family genre is a whole spectrum of animated styles, themes and motifs. They join an already legendary list of classic works from production houses like Studio Ghibli and Pixar.

Whether you’re dealing with mature topics, including everything from genocide and criminal justice, or whether you’re targeting the family genre entirely, the best animated films deliver far more quality than one might expect. Even movies that have been marketed as family-friendly are still able to dig deep to provide children with existential instruction wrapped in subtlety while providing entertainment, humor, charm, and depth for adults. And then there are animated films that have been classics for decades and are just plain delightful just for the sake of joy.

What they all have in common is that they sit alongside a slew of live-action masterpieces in terms of durability and timelessness. In 2001, the best animated feature was added to the Academy Awards. This is also proven by the critical reviews, which can almost bubble up if the film is well executed.

But which animated films are critics calling the best of all time (as of January 2021)? Stacker analyzed data from Metacritic for the response. To qualify for the upcoming list of 100 (worst to first), each film required at least four professional reviews. In the event of a tie, the film was ranked higher on the list with more reviews. Live-action films with occasional animated sequences were not included.

Did your favorite animation film make the cut? Read on to find out what the reviewers had to say.

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