First Day on the Job, and John Fetterman’s Got Another Suit

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John Fetterman officially became Pennsylvania’s newest junior senator on Tuesday, an occasion that called for the Carhartt-loving politician to don a new suit: charcoal gray, two-buttoned, with slim tapered trousers. His navy-and-light-blue striped tie complimented the icy blue (thrifted!) dress his wife, Gisele, wore while standing alongside him as he was sworn in. 

Acquiring some new threads is pretty standard practice for starting a new job, though it’s an especially prudent one if you are Fetterman, who wore hoodies and shorts up and down the campaign trail and claimed to be, until very recently, the proud owner of exactly one (1) suit. Now, according to Fetterman’s chief of staff, Adam Jentleson, the senator even “has plans to buy more.” 

Three days into the new year, and we’re already seeing the dawn of a new era for this “American taste god.” Fortunately for us, not all Fettermans wear suits.

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“For those of you asking, yes, there will be a Fetterman in shorts today, but it’s not me,” Fetterman tweeted on Tuesday. Instead, that would be his 13-year-old son, Karl, who joined Dad in DC while wearing a pair of khaki cargo shorts with a white button-down shirt and some Nike Blazers. Bold stuff of the sort we’ve come to expect from his dad—especially in January.

That said, we’re confident Fetterman will find a way to bring his shorts-forward style to D.C.  Can somebody get Thom Browne on the horn?