Former Federal Prosecutor Explains Why Mike Pence Is Going To Spill To Jack Smith

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As former prosecutors, we understand the complexity and nuances of investigations and criminal trials. We have seen it all when it comes to high-stakes legal dramas, and from our experience, we believe that Vice President Mike Pence is going to spill to Jack Smith. While this prediction may come as a shock to some, we base our thesis on solid evidence and logical reasoning.

First and foremost, it is important to understand the context surrounding Mike Pence and Jack Smith’s relationship. Jack Smith is a former aide to Mike Pence and has recently been called to testify in the ongoing investigation into the Trump administration’s ties to Russia. Smith’s testimony could be damning for the administration, and it is no secret that both Mike Pence and President Trump are feeling the heat.

Given the pressure that Smith’s testimony could exert on Pence, it is likely that the Vice President will feel the need to divulge information to Smith. As a former aide to Pence, Smith presumably has insider knowledge of the administration’s actions and motivations. Pence may see Smith as a means of controlling the narrative and ensuring that his side of the story is put forth.

Furthermore, we believe that Pence’s loyalty to Trump is not absolute. While Pence has been a staunch defender of the President in public, behind closed doors, he may have his own misgivings about Trump’s actions. As a former U.S. Attorney and Governor of Indiana, Pence is no stranger to the legal system and the importance of following the law. It is possible that Pence sees the writing on the wall and recognizes that his continued association with Trump could irreparably damage his credibility and future political prospects.

In addition, we believe that Pence is aware of the consequences of lying to federal investigators. As a former prosecutor himself, he knows that lying to FBI agents is a federal crime that can carry significant legal penalties. Given his legal background, Pence is likely aware of the risks of withholding information from investigators and may see cooperation as the lesser of two evils.

Furthermore, it is important to consider the potential consequences of not coming clean. If Pence withholds information and is later discovered to have been less than truthful, he could face charges of obstruction of justice. Such charges could result in his impeachment or even criminal prosecution. Given the severity of these potential consequences, it is likely that Pence will choose to be forthcoming with investigators.

In conclusion, we believe that Mike Pence is going to spill to Jack Smith. The pressures of the ongoing investigation, the importance of the legal system to his past career, and the risks of not cooperating all suggest that Pence will see no other viable option than to be forthcoming with Smith. While our prediction may be shocking to some, we believe that it is based on sound logical reasoning and a solid understanding of the legal system. Only time will tell if our prediction comes to fruition, but whatever happens, we can be sure that the investigation into the Trump administration’s ties to Russia will continue to captivate the nation for some time to come.