Former Mississippi MP Ashley Henley was found fatally shot on Sunday in the same house where her sister-in-law was found dead six months earlier.

Henley’s husband Brandon described his wife’s gruesome death in an interview with NBC subsidiary WLBT and said she was “shot in the back of the head, ambush-style”.

The Mississippi Bureau of Investigation is investigating the case as murder, an autopsy is pending. Agents have not replied to comments from CNBC host Shepard Smith.

Brandon Henley told local reporters that Ashley was outside a house in Water Valley, Mississippi, where firefighters had found his sister Kristina Michelle Jones dead in a burned trailer months earlier. Ashley Henley was there to clean up the memorial they’d created for Jones.

The memorial contained a sign asking the local sheriff to further investigate Jones’ death.

The Henleys had criticized the Yalobusha County Sheriff’s office in the months since Jones’s death. Brandon Henley said WLBT accelerators were found all over the house where his sister was found dead.

Jones autopsy report says her cause of death was unknown, but found that she had no smoke in her lungs, suggesting she was dead from the fire. Authorities released the report last month and Ashley posted it on her Facebook account calling for further action.

She wrote: “ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE – My family waited 5 months for this ?! … To those who have #public trust and responsibility for ensuring #justice for all – you may think this is over and your job is done, but you are wrong. “

“This is just the beginning. I will leave no stone unturned in my pursuit of truth,” wrote Ashley Henley.

The News with Shepard Smith contacted the Yalobusha County Sheriff’s Office Tuesday for comment but received no response.

Dan Eubanks, a Mississippi state lawmaker and friend of Ashley Henley, told NBC subsidiary WMC that he thinks the two deaths are related.

“I believe [Ashley Henley] was close or she ruffled some feathers and whoever was responsible for it stepped on, “Eubanks said.” I don’t think it was because someone didn’t like her, they just didn’t like the fact that she was poking around and tried to get her answers as to who murdered her sister-in-law. “

Brandon Henley told CNBC that he and his 15-year-old son will calm down Ashley and renew their demands for justice.