Fox News’ Dana Perino Makes ‘Nonsensical’ Comment About Wind Power

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Fox News’ Dana Perino caught some blowback Thursday for suggesting that wind ability isn’t inexperienced simply because the turbines are not recyclable. (View the video beneath.)

“The Five” co-host was conversing to guest Tucker Carlson about the “green electricity agenda,” such as wind electrical power, when Perino created an observation that at minimum one person on Twitter known as “nonsensical”:

“There’s one other point that we have not stated below, that was a portion of that, which is when these wind turbines ― when the blades end their existence, their beneficial lifetime ― when they go into a landfill, they do not disintegrate. You can not recycle them. They will be there forever. So, I imagine that there is just a misunderstanding of just how actually green these are.”

Carlson, who was on the present selling his “Tucker Carlson Originals” episode decrying the wind power business, replied, “Well, that’s right. There’s no painless way to get electricity. Just about every energy has a downside.”

Although the two appeared unclear about the notion of renewable electricity in the clip, Perino also seemed to mislead about the precise renewability of the products in wind turbines. She mentioned a landfill in Wyoming, the place retired turbine blades, ordinarily built of carbon fiber, are buried.

But she failed to mention that “about 85% of turbine elements, like steel, copper wire, electronics and gearing, can be recycled or reused,” Bloomberg wrote in a 2020 write-up about turbines in landfills.

Th American Wind Strength Affiliation in Washington states the blades are “landfill-harmless, compared with the squander from other electrical power resources, and represent a little fraction of over-all U.S. municipal strong squander.”

Mocking Perino’s comment was a breeze for lots of on Twitter:

Really hard to choose what the dumbest matter stated in this clip was. Was it Dana’s nonsensical “wind turbines usually are not inexperienced” comment, or Tucker insinuating that wind is worse than coal power for the natural environment

— Ted MacDonald (@theodorejay) Oct 21, 2021

And at the time the wind blows, it never ever comes back.

— Phillipe de Gravaux (@DreadPhil1) Oct 22, 2021

Do you at any time get the sensation they are having difficulties to think of undesirable items to say about development?

— Ken Scott (@foomper) October 22, 2021

A reminder that, whilst performing as Bush’s push secretary, Dana did not know what the Cuban Missile Disaster was.

— Scott K. Petersen (@ScottKPetersen) Oct 21, 2021

Fox News is environmentally friendly since they recycle a lot of crap and reuse it for long run segments.

— K. Lux (@LuxK) Oct 21, 2021

Due to the fact human recycling by composting our carcasses is turning out to be a issue, we could, I suppose, compost Perino and Carlson. Most likely their maximum and ideal use. (Probably they would need hazardous waste facility.)

— Obstinate & Contumacious Cheese (@alspruce) Oct 21, 2021

@DanaPerino Just so you know, wind turbines are run by wind–a RENEWABLE vitality source. I really don’t consider this should really be far too complicated for you to grasp, but then yet again you might be a pundit on @FoxNews. That and particular company sponsors do limit your being familiar with of these types of things.

— Lee Gray (she her hers)✊?✊?✊?✊?✊?☮♿?️‍?⚧️ (@mjdoggie55) October 21, 2021