Fulton County DA says fake Trump electors are incriminating one another

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On Friday, January 1st, members of the Georgia Republican Party filed a lawsuit requesting that Pence replace the presidential electors for Georgia with an alternate slate of electors.

The lawsuit sought to overpower the victory of Joe Biden by upholding conspiracies and lies about election fraud, which have been rejected by courts and election officials throughout the country.

This propaganda caused a chaotic scene in Washington D.C. last week when angry Trump supporters rioted, stormed the Capitol building, and demanded that Pence refuse to acknowledge the electoral votes for Joe Biden during Wednesday’s joint session of Congress.

While this scenario is alarming, it is not surprising. Even though the presidential election was called in Biden’s favor over two months ago, Trump continues to propagate unfounded claims of election fraud in an attempt to invalidate the democratic process and hold onto power. Furthermore, many of his supporters still stand by him and believe that he was robbed of the election.

Among those supporters are members of the so-called “alternate slate” of electors that the Georgia Republican Party filed suit to have recognized. While they may have hoped that their effort would end in a Trump victory, it seems that they are merely incriminating themselves.

In Fulton County, the district attorney’s office is reportedly conducting an investigation into the matter. According to DA Fani Willis, many of the electors have been sharing information that may be incriminating to themselves and others involved in the conspiracy.

Willis has stated that some members of the alternate slate of electors have come forward with evidence that they were recruited to be electors by individuals who falsely claimed to be representatives of the Trump campaign. The recruits say that they were asked to sign oaths, attend meetings, and be inaugurated in a ceremony that they believed would make them legitimate electors.

However, Willis claims that many of these individuals did not carry out these oaths and were not inaugurated as electors, which begs the question of their legitimacy. Furthermore, Willis suggests that some of the individuals involved may have committed crimes such as aggravated identity theft and forgery.

While it is easy to view this situation as a comedic caricature of the Trump administration, it is important to recognize the seriousness of the matter. Willis has stated that her office will be reviewing all of the evidence and will pursue the case to the fullest extent of the law.

This is an example of how the phenomenon of “fake news” can have real-world consequences. When baseless conspiracies are promoted across social media and political platforms, sometimes it can cause lasting harm.

Although Trump has been banned from most social media platforms following the events of January 6th that left five people dead, his message still pervades the internet. Supporters continue to espouse his propaganda on forums such as Parler and TheDonald.win, which have become enclaves for conspiracy theories and far-right extremism.

Furthermore, Trump has pardoned many criminals who share his views on conspiracies and lies about the election. This further perpetuates a cycle of lawlessness and deceit that has the potential to cause widespread harm.

However, the actions of DA Willis demonstrate that there are still officials who are willing to stand up to this cycle of deceit and bring the perpetrators to justice. It is important to recognize the bravery of those who are willing to pursue justice despite opposition, and work towards maintaining a functioning democracy that abides by the rule of law.

The events surrounding the alternate slate of electors in Georgia are merely another example of the conflict between truth and falsehood that has characterized the Trump administration. It is a conflict that continues to rage even as Trump prepares to leave the White House, and one that has far-reaching implications for our nation’s future.