Gay Video Chat Online Application Launched

A new Gay Video Chat Online Application has launched to positive reviews throughout the world due to its’ unique features that allow the gay community and the bi-curious to connect like never before.

The application is now the fastest, most robust and full featured gay dating app available. The addition of video chat messaging, travel mode and online notifications have been among the most requested new features.

What is also unique about this new gay video only chat portal is the ability to use GPS to online find people in your area that are available for chat in case you decided to pursue your virtual meeting into a face-to-face meeting.

The video chat also allows you to do the opposite – you can select areas that you never want to connect with a video chat.  This is quite useful if you are in a current relationship or if you are simply exploring the lifestyle while not fully ready to come out yet.

This new gay chat application is definitely needed as this pandemic dragged on for so long.  The pandemic has profoundly disrupted some social circles: perhaps you’ve moved yourself, or maybe you’re looking up after a year of social distancing to find that your close friends are the ones who have relocated. And the guidance of public health officials to keep your distance, to mask up, to limit gatherings and to remain 6 feet apart? None of these are helpful for meeting new people and nurturing new friendships.

Nevertheless, Niobe Way, a professor of developmental psychology at New York University who has studied friendship for more than three decades, has anecdotally observed what she described as an “explosion of friendships” last summer, particularly in her own Manhattan neighborhood – a display of optimism in the face of our oxymoronic collective isolation. It just takes a little more intention and a little more openness.

“It’s a difficult time to connect with new people,” says Marisa G Franco, a psychologist and friendship expert. “The first question you can ask yourself is: is there someone you want to reconnect with?” According to one study, rekindling “dormant ties”, or those you’ve lost touch with, is often easier than making new friends, because the individuals already trust one another. Look through your phone to see who you were texting this time last year, or reach out to a high school or college club you were affiliated with.

Lean on existing networks of friends and acquaintances, too. Though chance meetings in corridors or cafeterias may be infrequent these days, you can still turn casual connections, whether neighbors or work colleagues, into friends, or reach out to new people through shared acquaintances.

Gay Video Chat Online Application is free to use for the next 6 months.