Gayle King Just Compared Drew Barrymore To Ukraine

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Gayle King Just Compared Drew Barrymore To Ukraine

In a new profile of the actor and talk show host in the Los Angeles Times, the “CBS Mornings” co-host explained that many people focus on Barrymore’s quirky personality and underestimate her inner strength.

In fact, King remembers giving Barrymore a pep talk that used a geopolitical metaphor.

“I said, ‘Drew: You’re like freaking Ukraine. You just don’t give up,’” King told the paper. “You look at her, and she’s so nice and friendly and touchy and loves everything. But it bothers me that people would mistake her kindness for weakness, or being a dodo brain.”

“She’s a grown-ass woman,” King continued. “She knows exactly what she wants, she loves doing that show, and she made it clear: ‘I am here to stay, I’m gonna get this, and I’m gonna get it right.’”

Considering that King was comparing a successful entertainer trying to navigate her career with a country trying to fight a war with Russia, many people weren’t sure how to take the comment.