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As the world changes and develops at an alarming rate, so does the entertainment sector. With a growing number of Gen Zers moving to Indianapolis, it’s essential to understand their views on the city’s leisure and entertainment industry. The youth generation, commonly referred to as Gen Z, consists of individuals born between the mid-1990s and mid-2010s. Their perceptions of leisure and entertainment are largely influenced by their personal experiences, culture, and the prevailing social norms.

For years, Indianapolis held the reputation of being a city solely for the older generation. However, over time, the city has witnessed a transformation across a variety of fronts, but mainly in the leisure and entertainment sector. A city that was previously known for its basketball and racing history is now home to a vibrant arts community and an array of entertainment options catering to people of all ages.

Gen Z has different views of leisure and entertainment than previous generations. They prefer engaging, interactive, and socially conscious activities that allow them to express their individuality. Many Gen Zers have grown up immersed in the digital age of social media, leading them to crave “I Was There” experiences. This desire for unique and authentic experiences is reflected in their views of Indy’s leisure and entertainment sector.

One trend that has emerged amongst Gen Zers is their focus on supporting local businesses. With a growing concern for the environment and social responsibility, many young people prefer to frequent local businesses over large chain stores. For example, the Mass Ave district, which includes shops such as Homespun, Silver in the City, The Flying Cupcake, and The Best Chocolate in Town, has become the go-to place for young people interested in supporting local businesses.

Likewise, Gen Z values socially responsible activities, such as volunteering, charity fundraisers, and community events. Social media and the internet have connected them in ways never seen before, which has made it easier for them to get involved or raise awareness on social issues. Activities such as Indiana Out of Darkness Walks, an event aimed at eradicating suicide, or Indy Pride, a festival celebrating the LGBTQ+ community, have attracted Gen Zers looking to engage in social causes.

Gen Zers are tech-savvy and, as such, always have their smartphones and laptops close at hand. This mobile attachment has led them to seek out entertainment that can be enjoyed through these devices. Indy has responded to this trend by providing a variety of digital attractions such as virtual reality experiences, online gaming competitions, and e-sport leagues.

However, despite Gen Zers’ preference for tech-driven entertainment, they still value in-person interactions. Concerts, festivals, and sports events are popular among this demographic. Acts such as Panic! At the Disco, Travis Scott, and Billie Eilish have sold out venues in Indianapolis due to their popularity among young people.

Another aspect of leisure and entertainment that Gen Zers value is inclusivity. They place importance on diversity and inclusivity in their communities and entertainment options. The IndyFringe festival, Indy’s premiere theater and performance event held annually in August, reflects this trend. The festival brings together all kinds of performers, producers, and artists across a variety of disciplines, including comedy, magic, dance, and poetry.

Finally, Gen Zers are environmentally conscious and environmentally responsible. This group of young people is looking for entertainment that aligns with their values and beliefs. The White River State Park in Indy incorporates sustainability efforts into its operations, which have caught the attention of young people who are looking for environmentally responsible options.

In conclusion, Gen Z’s views of Indy’s leisure and entertainment sector are varied and reflect the increasing diversity and complexity of this demographic. These young people seek entertainment experiences that are engaging, interactive, socially responsible, and unique. They value diversity, inclusivity, and environmental responsibility, particularly when it comes to supporting local businesses. Indianapolis has responded to these changes by providing a vibrant arts community, digital attractions, sports events, festivals, and more. As Indianapolis continues to grow and change, it will be interesting to see how the city’s leisure and entertainment sector continues to adapt to meet the needs of Gen Z.