MEDFORD, Ore. – New capacity guidelines released Wednesday by the Oregon Health Authority for outdoor events. This means that outdoor leisure and entertainment events can increase capacity.

In the past, there was only a maximum of 300 capacities, regardless of the level of the districts. Now it depends on the level of risk in the district.

The extreme risk is a maximum of 50 people. The high risk category is 15% capacity. The moderate risk is 25% capacity. The lower risk is 50% capacity.

That’s what the Britt Festival in Jacksonville was hoping for when NBC5 News spoke to them earlier this year.

“Everyone is extremely hopeful and optimistic that we will be able to match a season of renewed energy,” said Donna Briggs, President of the Britt Festival.

If Britt opened on Wednesday it could only have 550 people. That is over 1,600 less than their maximum capacity.

Britt told NBC5 News that all dates will depend on the COVID-19 numbers and is excited to announce its season soon.

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