Greg Abbott Falls Apart When Asked How He Will Eliminate All Rape In Texas

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Gov. Greg Abbott didn’t have an response for how he would reduce all rape in Texas, but he did say that he would not indicator an abortion exemption for rape or incest.


Greg Abbott will get pressed on how exactly he is likely to eliminate all rape in Texas, and his answer is that he is not going to indicator a bill producing an abortion exemption for rape and incest.

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) September 26, 2021

Transcript by using Fox News Sunday:

WALLACE:  Now, in 2019, which is the previous year that we have figures for, 

almost 15,000 situations of rape were being reported in your point out of Texas, and 

just about everyone suggests that that’s a intense undercount, there are a ton more 

instances that just are not noted.

Is it sensible to say to somebody who is the victim of rape and may possibly not 

recognize that they are pregnant, you know, until six months, well, don’t 

worry about it mainly because we’re likely to do away with rape as a trouble in the 

state of Texas?

ABBOTT:  Properly, there’s many points I have to say in solution to this. But 

the 1st matter, obviously, is that survivors of sexual assault, they 

ought to have help, care, and compassion. And Texas is stepping up to make 

guaranteed that we supply that by signing a regulation and developing in the governor’s 

place of work a sexual assault survivors undertaking pressure.

But independently from that, Chris, I obtained to level out about the means that I 

have fought to go to arrest and apprehend and try out to eradicate rape. I 

sought the death penalty for repeat rapists —

WALLACE:  But — but — but, Governor — Governor, excuse — Governor, 

excuse me, because we are managing out of time. There had been more than 15,000 

rapes in 2019 when you have been governor. Let me just question this concern, a 

condition representative, Republican point out consultant is — suggests that he’s 

going to give a new evaluate that would restore the exception to the Texas 

abortion regulation for victims of rape and incest.

If that came to your desk, will you sign it or not?

ABBOTT:  Very well, we have obtained to go again, Chris, to what the explanation was why the 

legislation was handed in the very first location. And the purpose is to shield the lives of 

every youngster with a heartbeat. And so we’re — we’re doing the job to obtain that 


WALLACE:  Like — like a baby — together with —

ABBOTT:  Chris — I — I got to place this out, Chris, and that is what 

this — this —

WALLACE:  Such as a little one of a rape — of a rape?

ABBOTT:  This — this aim is dependable with what the United States 

Supreme Court has penned, and that is states have the capacity to make sure 

that we secure the wellbeing and protection of both the mother and the youngster. And 

which is what we are in search of to do below.

And I have to incorporate this, and that is, Texas just provided more than $100 

million in funding for being pregnant facilities across the state of Texas to help 

those people who want to make confident that they will (ph) be capable to have a child 

but — 

CHRIS WALLACE, FOX Information ANCHOR: But so just — just to lock this down, are 

you stating, sir — I really do not signify to interrupt, but are you indicating that you 

will not indicator an exception for rape and incest?

ABBOTT: Well, very first, I have bought to explain to you, Chris, you are — you’re creating a 

hypothetical that is not likely to materialize for the reason that that invoice is not likely to 

access my desk.

Greg Abbott Receives Named Out For His Nonsense About Removing Rape In Texas.

Greg Abbott doesn’t treatment about rape and incest pregnancies. He is hoping to maintain off a key challenge from the proper, and if it requires Texas rape victims getting forced to give birth to toddlers conceived by rape, he is good with that.

Gov. Abbott has created a haven for rapists in Texas, and his bogus tough talk on getting rid of rape cannot hide the actuality that he has manufactured it a lot easier for sexual criminals to have lifelong regulate of their victims.

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