Guinness World Records partners with Mirage Entertainment Design for new live stunt show

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Audiences around the world will soon get to see record-breaking stunt performers pushing the boundaries of what is possible with Guinness World Records and Mirage Entertainment Design announcing the launch of an exciting new show

The ‘Heroes of Guiness World Records’ will feature record-breaking attempts alongside a number of high-octane stunts   Credit: Guinness World Records

Guinness World Records (GWR) has announced a partnership with Mirage Entertainment Design that will see the launch of a new live stunt show created for land and water-based attractions all over the world.

Dubbed ‘Heroes of Guiness World Records’, the show will offer audiences the chance to see record-breaking attempts alongside a number of daring feats from stunt professionals.

Developed over the last year, the show features an an adaptable format allowing for variations in stunt performers, event space, record attempts and budgets. Several different versions have been developed meaning the show can take place in a theme park, on water and in arenas.

Specialising in the design and development of shows and attractions, Mirage has worked with GWR to not only create the show but also supply its performers through its full-scale production arm.

“Mirage and their performers are world class, so it was a natural fit to develop a show where they can push the boundaries of possibility and attempt official Guiness World Record titles,” said Paul O’Neill, VP Creative at GWR.

“I can personally say that this is one of the most thrilling projects I have ever worked on and if anything embodies the GWR tagline of ‘Officially Amazing’ then this show is it.”

GWR has revealed that discussions with a number of parties are currently ongoing for the inaugural show, with an official announcement expected shortly.