Harris Calls Conservative Press Coverage About Her Paris Trip “Ridiculous”

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Vice President Kamala Harris criticized press coverage about her recent trip to Paris “ridiculous.”

“Oh, how about, ‘She’s going to buy a pot on her way to the airport,’” Harris told the The San Francisco Chronicle, “after a very significant and highly successful bilateral meeting in France on issues that are about national security, on issues that are about climate, on issues that are about what we are doing in terms of international norms and rules on everything from cyber to space. Come on.”

During the Paris trip, which Harris used as an opportunity to smooth things over with French President Emmanuel Macron over an Australian submarine deal, she reportedly purchased a $375 serving dish, a $160 frying pan, and other accessories totaling €516, or about $580.

Shortly afterward, the conservative Washington Free Beacon ran an article criticizing her purchase, saying that the optics are bad because many Americans are feeling the impact of inflation.

“The vice-presidential shopping spree came as Americans stateside suffer from the worst inflation in three decades, putting strain on both consumers and small businesses,” the outlet reported at the time.

“The Biden administration has stressed the need to ‘buy American,’ calling for a ‘whole-of-government’ effort to support American manufacturing,” it added.

The article went viral on social media after publication and garnered heavy criticism.

Alan is a writer, editor, and news junkie based in New York.