Hegseth: Did Biden just drop 12,000 illegal aliens in your backyard?

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Pete Hegseth slammed the Biden administration for releasing hundreds of illegal immigrants into the United States Friday on “Fox Information Primetime.”

PETE HEGSETH: That is an total baseball stadium of illegals waiting around to hurry into The usa. Just yesterday the administration advised us there was nevertheless 5,000 illegals still left in the governing administration camp. So 24 hours later on, where did they go? What transpired the 3,200 people today they advised us have been becoming processed?

As we shared previous night, we know that “removal proceedings” in fact necessarily mean remaining produced into the shadows of the United States . So, did the Biden administration just drop 12,000 illegals, and most likely far, significantly extra into your yard? The response is unequivocally yes. But really do not fret we have to be screening these people today for COVID, suitable? Surely the administration that loves forcing vaccine and mask mandates on challenging operating, tax-paying genuine American citizens ought to be managing these illegals the identical way?

You will need a COVID examination to consume within at a cafe in the city I’m in correct now and a mask to fly on a airplane, but illegals really don’t need to have any of that to enter The united states. If Biden had ever been to the border in his everyday living, he might be capable to get an notion on what is heading on down there – but 3 times just after Fox Information pressed the White Dwelling on why Biden’s by no means been to the border, we nonetheless have no solutions.

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