Herschel Walker’s Meltdown Continues As Calls Son, Christian, A ‘Tool Of The Left’

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If Christian Walker hears that he’s now become a tool of the left, whether the accusation comes from his father or anyone else (It comes from his father, Herschel), it will come as a shock to Christian. After all, in Christian’s takedown of his father, whether you liked it or were saddened by it, Christian made one thing clear. Christian believed that his father was not a conservative because he was not living a life with Christ. He called his father a hypocrite. But, as said, this morning, Herschel Walker complicated matters by saying that he loved his son unconditionally, totally believable, while also saying that his son had become a tool of the left. Totally ridiculous.

What is Herschel talking about? Christian says HE is the conservative who holds to his Christian values. A tool of the left? Yes, says Herschel:

“I love my son unconditionally and that’s where I’ve always been. I always loved him unconditionally. The damage he’s doing is letting people know that the left will do whatever they can to win this seat.

“And I told you when I got in this race, I’m gonna win this seat. People see someone sitting here in front of you right now that’s been redeemed.

“I want America to know I’m living proof you can make mistakes and get up and keep going forward, but you can only do it in this country right here.” – Herschel Walker, after Fox & Friends host Brian Kilmeade asked him about his homocon son Christian Walker’s attacks.

How Walker squares that circle, that Christian is letting people know that the Left will do whatever they can… well, one will have to ask Herschel, though his answers are often left wanting.

Walker correctly says that in America, one can make mistakes and keep going forward. True. Some of the best recovery programs in the country are actually in prisons. Except very few MAGAs are angry about Walker’s past so much as his hypocrisy and trustworthiness now. He loves his son Christian unconditionally and yet has other children he’s never acknowledged other than financial support and presents for birthdays and Christmas. All of this stuff has been drudged up by the campaign.

And yes, Herschel, in America, one can be redeemed by their maker. But just because you consider yourself redeemed in God’s eyes doesn’t mean the table is wiped clean for a Senate seat. Most people with perspective and healthy self-esteem probably, consider themselves unqualified for a Senate seat. It’s hardly shameful to admit. But at times, it appears that Walker has no shame.

.@HerschelWalker joins to clear up accusations his son, Christian Walker, made about his past. WATCH: pic.twitter.com/CQslRabsEx

— Brian Kilmeade (@kilmeade) October 5, 2022


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