How DeSantis Is Trying to Lure Older Voters Away From Trump

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In the lead-up to the highly anticipated 2020 presidential election, Florida’s Republican governor Ron DeSantis has been busy charting his own course, working hard to win over older voters who could decide the election. By aiming to lure older voters away from President Trump, DeSantis is hoping to solidify his own position within the Republican party, and also ensure that Florida votes red in November.

DeSantis has been supporting policies that appeal to voters aged 65 and above, who make up a significant portion of the state’s population. He has done this by emphasizing policies that are particularly important to older voters, including healthcare, tax cuts, and social security.

One of DeSantis’ most significant policy moves has been his push to ensure that Medicare recipients have access to the most up-to-date treatments. This is something that many older voters are concerned about, especially given the rising costs of healthcare. By articulating the specific needs and wants of older Americans, DeSantis is betting that he can turn support away from Trump and towards his own brand of Republicanism.

Another area where DeSantis is working hard is on tax cuts. By implementing policies that benefit older individuals, such as lowering property taxes and reducing estate taxes, he is trying to appeal to people who are worried about their finances. This is a smart strategy because older Americans are more likely to be concerned about their financial stability than younger voters. By offering policies that can positively affect their bottom line, DeSantis is hoping voters will see him as a savvy and effective economic manager.

DeSantis is also championing social security reform to woo older voters. By positioning himself as a defender of the social safety net for seniors, DeSantis is hoping to appeal to voters who see Trump’s attacks on programs like Medicare and Medicaid as a significant threat. This is another critical issue that could influence their vote come November.

While the Governor is presenting himself as a champion for older Americans, it remains to be seen whether his efforts will be enough. Polls are showing that despite the President’s recent missteps, he still enjoys strong support from seniors in Florida. Many voters remain undecided about who they will support in 2020, and DeSantis knows that he needs to engage with them and deliver a message that resonates.

What makes DeSantis’ efforts to woo older voters so interesting is that he is competing against a long-standing incumbent who has successfully captured the attention and support of older Americans. Trump has consistently polled well with seniors, and has many loyal supporters who are unlikely to be swayed by DeSantis’ message.

However, there are signs that DeSantis’ efforts may be paying off. Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic has caused significant concern among seniors, many of whom feel that the President has not done enough to keep them safe. By articulating his own plan for dealing with the virus, DeSantis is hoping to offer older voters a real alternative to Trump’s perceived failures.

Additionally, DeSantis has shown himself to be a capable leader during the pandemic. His handling of the crisis has won praise from many Floridians, including elderly voters, who appreciate his willingness to take decisive action to keep the virus at bay. By emphasizing his leadership skills and his ability to handle complex issues, DeSantis is hoping to win over voters who may be disillusioned with Trump’s approach to the pandemic.

DeSantis faces significant challenges in his efforts to win over older voters. He is competing against an incumbent President who has successfully captured their support in the past. Nonetheless, DeSantis’s efforts to appeal to seniors by offering policies that appeal to their specific interests and concerns is a smart strategy that could pay off in November.

Moreover, DeSantis can take solace in the fact that voters are paying attention to his message. With a highly polarized electorate, every vote counts, and by targeting older voters directly, DeSantis may be able to make up ground in a state that has traditionally been a Republican stronghold. It remains to be seen whether DeSantis’s efforts will be enough to sway the election, but if he continues to push for policies that appeal to older voters, he could make a real dent in Trump’s support base.