Husband and wife team providing Vegas-style entertainment

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LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Tonight we’re going behind the scenes of a colorful and imaginative company, exporting Vegas-style entertainment. It’s a Nevada Built business led by a visionary husband and wife team. 13 Action News anchor Todd Quinones takes us inside, Champagne Creative Group.

They have a champagne wall and a colorful cast of characters.

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“You want to party in Vegas. This guy is your best friend… This one is one of my favorites. It is the moon with the Moon girl… It’s called the LED jellyfish,” says Rolando Espinoza, Owner of Champagne Creative Group.

Rolando and Heather Remillard are a husband and wife team who are following their dream.

“To be quite honest, everybody’s partying like they’ve never partied before, and we’re super grateful we’re back,” says Heather.


Their business, Champagne Creative Group, focuses on what’s called experiential marketing.

“Brands, product launches, even celebrities want to have that Las Vegas feeling across the country, but to sell things, to have a pop up for things,” says Rolando.

Their studio near Eastern Avenue and Sunset Road serves as their think tank.

“We work nationwide and we basically say, we bring Las Vegas to you,” says Heather.

Here, carnival themes, Las Vegas flash and marketing collide, all to create a party-like atmosphere. Their Champagne wall is a perfect example.

“People love it. They ring the bell. The hands come out. Surprise champagne. Who doesn’t want surprise champagne?” says Heather.

Their clients vary. They deal with a lot of corporations.

“Every business meeting wants to have an Instagram moment. They want to have something that goes around the world at least once,” says Rolando.

The Nevada Built company also caters to the rich and famous who are looking to make a splash.

“We worked for Elon Musk for a lot of the different celebrations in his home, whether it was his birthday, his mother’s birthday, you know, launches of a rocket,” says Heather.


Each one of their outfits is custom-made by one of their nine employees. Their prices depend on the project.

“It starts around $1,000, but it could go upwards to $100,000 depending on if it is a New Year’s Eve party if it’s a multi-city, multi-day national campaign,” says Heather.

So, the next time you have a party and need a flower girl or perhaps a flamingo on stilts or the future dressed in the mirror, Champagne Creative Group has your back.