I dream of winning an Oscar, says Dwayne Johnson | Entertainment

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Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson dreams of winning an Oscar.

The 50-year-old actor – who shot to stardom in the 90s as a professional wrestler – has revealed that he hopes to win an Academy Award one day.

He shared: “I would love to win an Oscar one day. I’d love to stand on an Oscar stage one day.”

The wrestler-turned-actor has even given some thought to what he might say in an acceptance speech.

He told ET Canada: “I think about what that Oscar speech would look like, who I would thank, how I would speak, right?

“Would I have something prepared? A lot of people who I know who have won Oscars like, you know, [have said] ‘I tried to prepare something and then it just went out the window.'”

Dwayne previously admitted that being named the highest-paid actor in the world was “incredibly gratifying”.

Asked whether it was an important milestone in his career, Dwayne explained: “It’s exciting and it’s incredibly gratifying. But anything I’ve accomplished is the result of having great self-belief and determination to succeed in life.

“I had to pick myself up off the floor and work very hard to make my way back in life.”

Dwayne insisted he’s had to “scratch and claw” his way to success in Hollywood.

And he hopes that aspiring actors can take some inspiration from his career.

He said: “Trying to find work in Hollywood, I had that scratch and claw mentality where you just keep pushing and fighting until you get one job, then the next, and keep moving forward. I hope a lot of people can look at my life and see that hard work and ambition can take you a long way.”