I’m in love with this simple iPhone case and will never take it off

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There are quite literally thousands of iPhone cases to pick from, but after five months of trying out hundreds of them with a 13 Pro Max, I can confidently say I have a favorite. Totallee’s Hybrid MagSafe Case not only supports Apple’s handy charging tech but offers a protective, super-thin aesthetic.

Is it worth the $39 price tag?

I know what you’re thinking: $39 is a lot for a case, and I’d agree with you there. But in just a few weeks, this case has kept my iPhone 13 Pro Max safe and sound.

I love a good minimalist case that combines form and function. And though Totallee is typically known for ultrathin cases with minimal drop protection, I was intrigued that this Hybrid option adds protection while keeping things slim.

Much of this added durability comes from a strong TPU black rubber frame that surrounds the edges of the phone and protects the camera. Not only does it let you securely hold onto your iPhone, but it extends as a lip to protect the screen — even preventing cracking from display-first drops in testing.

Jacob Krol/CNN

In direct comparison tests with Apple’s own silicone MagSafe ($49) and leather MagSafe ($59) options, the Totallee case is not only less expensive, but it also excelled in durability and basic grit.

The rear of the case is clear, glossy plastic, which gives you an opportunity to show off the color of your iPhone. I liked the way my Sierra Blue phone looked through it, and was thankful the transparent nature didn’t distort the color.

In keeping with the ultrathin nature of Totallee’s other cases, the Hybrid MagSafe case is remarkably slim and adds 0.3 inches of thickness to a caseless iPhone 13 Pro Max when attached, while the Apple case affixes a whopping 0.7 inches.

Jacob Krol/CNN

Apple’s MagSafe functionality aims to make wireless charging easier and works with all applicable MagSafe accessories, essentially future-proofing them. In my testing, I was able to snap it onto the MagSafe Duo, a stand-alone MagSafe charger on a table, Anker’s magnetic charging discs and a MagSafe disc built into a stand. You can drop it on any supported charger, hear it audibly snap in place and rest easy knowing it’s powering up.

Jacob Krol/CNN

So, yes, $39 may seem like a lot for such a lightweight case, but it’s the perfect minimalist companion for any sized iPhone 13. And after putting it through its paces — including a few planned and unplanned drops — I’d say it’s well worth the price.