Important Ohio Newspaper Endorses Tim Ryan While Blasting JD Vance For Craven Political Cowardice

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The Cleveland Plain Dealer endorses Democratic Rep. Tim Ryan in the Ohio U.S. Senate race while calling out JD Vance’s craven political cowardice.

The editors of The Cleveland Plain Dealer wrote:

Vance, by contrast, has not exhibited the astute judgment necessary to return the Senate to its former status as the world’s greatest deliberative body.

Exhibit No. 1 is Vance’s craven political cowardice in advancing Trump’s Big Lie that Joe Biden is not the legitimately elected president of the United States. That’s disqualifying in itself. But Vance hasn’t stopped there. His accusation that Biden is responsible for the fentanyl epidemic because of his immigration policies is equally irresponsible – and who can forget his initial reaction to the Russian invasion: “I don’t really care what happens to Ukraine one way or another.”

Unfortunately, Vance elected not to appear before our editorial board to explain his indefensible embrace of Trump’s Big Lie or clarify where he stands on Ukraine, abortion restrictions, domestic violence against women or other matters.

With Tim Ryan, voters know what they’ll get and who he is — a steady voice for the working class, a bipartisan collaborator, and someone laser-focused on manufacturing innovation to keep jobs and income in Ohio. That’s why Tim Ryan deserves your vote for U.S. Senate. Early voting in the Nov. 8 election has begun.

In a year of dangerous and terrible Senate candidates, JD Vance tends to get lost in the shuffle behind the holding guns to women’s heads, Herschel Walker and dog serial killer/Hitler’s car aficionado Dr. Oz, but JD Vance suggested that women stay in abusive marriages, supports Russia over Ukraine, wants a national abortion ban, and has an agenda that is every bit as extreme as Walker’s.

Rep. Ryan is the sort of bipartisan, state, and district-first public servant that the nation’s corporatized political media claims don’t exist anymore. Ryan has been able to run close in his election by being genuine with the people of Ohio. Ryan’s campaign is very similar to Lt. Governor John Fetterman’s in Pennsylvania. Both Ryan and Fetterman are well-known and popular blue-collar candidates in their respective states.

The difference between Fetterman’s lead and Ryan being tied is Pennsylvania’s slight Democratic lean versus Ohio’s Republican tilt.

Ohio would be harmed if they were to replace outgoing Sen. Rob Portman with JD Vance. The candidate who is best suited to represent the Buckeye State’s interest is Rep. Tim Ryan.


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