TCM hosts Ben Mankiewicz, Dave Karger, Alicia Malone and Eddie Muller will also take part in many conversations. The films they have selected are not among the radar novelties either. As Stewart said, “They’re the classics of the classics.”

The series, which runs every Thursday until March 25th, also shows “Guess Who Is Coming for Dinner”, “Gunga Din”, “The Seekers”, “My Beautiful Wife”, “Stagecoach”, “Woman of the Year” and “The children’s hour.”

The choices allow presenters to think more broadly about Hollywood films as well. For “Psycho”, which airs on March 25, the presenters in the film speak about transgender identity and the effects of equating gender fluidity and putting on women’s clothes with mental illness and violence. It also sparked a bigger conversation about sexuality in Alfred Hitchcock films.

During the conversation “My Fair Lady” on March 25th they talk about why the film adaptation has a less feminist ending than the play and Henry Higgins’ physical and psychological abuse of Eliza Dolittle. Not feeding them and stuffing marbles in their mouths is played for sweet laughs in the film. Is it a comment on misogyny or just misogyny?

And on the “Guess Who’s Over for Dinner” night, which airs on March 11th, Stewart discusses Sidney Poitier’s complex legacy.