Indrans is now happy being addressed as a ‘cruel’ man | Entertainment Interview

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Veteran actor Indrans feels happy as he receives messages rebuking the character that he played in the latest movie ‘Meppadiyan’. The character of the heartless Hajiyar who doesn’t show an iota of kindness has cemented Indran’s place as one of the finest actors of Malayalam cinema. Indrans, who nurture an intense desire to play unique and interesting roles, opens up to Manorama Online about his role in ‘Meppadiyan’.

Impressed at the first go

Director Vishnu Mohan came to see me while I was filming for ‘Home’. We spoke a lot on the sets of that movie. I said ‘yes’ as soon as he told me that the movie was produced by Unni Mukundan. I promised that I would do the movie, even if he didn’t narrate the character to me. However, they did narrate my role. I was instantly drawn to the character that has grey shades, as it would be an opportunity for me to try something new. I began to like the character when I realised the great scope for performance.

Real-life incidents

This character is guileful who cleverly hides it inside him. You have to carefully approach a character like that. The director had told me that he had been inspired by many real-life incidents while writing the story and screenplay of the movie. He had given me many references for the character that I played. He clearly explained the mannerisms and the unique styles of the character. I did exactly what he told me and nothing more. He had narrated that character as a staunch believer in God. I listened to the director and essayed it in my own way.

Friends were angry

Some of my friends called me after watching the movie. They told me that they felt angry and resented my character. Anyways, they really liked my performance. Meanwhile, some people told me that they were shocked to see me play such a character.

My family too had watched the movie. I had already given them an idea about my role, before they went to watch it. Even though Hajiyar looks poised and composed, he is rapacious inside. They watched the movie keeping this in mind. After watching the film, they told me that the character had a greater range than they had expected.


I am aware that the movie has been criticised in many ways. As far as I am concerned, I am just an actor. I try to essay the roles that come my way, as amazingly as possible. I don’t insist that I will only do characters that are righteous and kind. I like playing characters of various shades. That is all that matters for me.