Is Logan Roy Losing It?

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As avid viewers of the hit TV series Succession would know, the patriarch of the Roy family, Logan, has always been an enigmatic figure who exudes power and cunning. However, as the third season unfolds, it begs the question, is Logan Roy losing it? The answer is not as straightforward as one would expect, as there are varying factors and signs that suggest a possible mental and emotional breakdown.

Throughout the show, Logan has been portrayed as a ruthless businessman with an unyielding desire for power and control. He has always been the dominant figure, pulling the strings behind the scenes and making calculated moves that ultimately benefit his company and the Roy family. However, as the stakes get higher, and the pressure mounts, cracks in his demeanor begin to appear.

One of the most prominent indicators that Logan is losing it is his physical health. Throughout the show, Logan has had several health scares, including a stroke, a heart attack, and an incident in which he collapsed on the floor. In season three, episode three, Logan is seen vomiting in his private bathroom, surrounded by his aides, who try to console him while urging him to take a break. This scene, coupled with his weakness and frailty, is a clear indication that his health is deteriorating rapidly.

Moreover, Logan’s mental fortitude is being tested as he struggles to keep up with his foes. In the same episode, he is seen wearing a hearing aid, which suggests that his age is catching up with him. As the head of a media conglomerate, Logan has to deal with a host of adversaries, including rival media companies, shareholders, politicians, and family members. This constant barrage of threats and challenges is bound to take a toll on anyone’s mental and emotional health.

Another sign that Logan is losing it is his erratic behavior. Throughout the show, Logan has been portrayed as a calculated and measured figure who is always in control. However, in season three, we see a different side of him. He is more impulsive, agitated, and reactionary. In episode four, he has a meltdown while on a conference call with his siblings, and then proceeds to fire his long-time assistant, Karl. This outburst is uncharacteristic of him, and it suggests that he is unraveling.

It is worth noting that Logan’s behavior is not entirely unexpected. As humans age, our bodies and minds undergo significant changes that can affect our behavior and personality. Additionally, Logan’s status as a mogul and powerbroker means that he is under immense pressure to deliver results and maintain his position at the top of the food chain. This pressure can cause him to act out and make irrational decisions.

Moreover, Logan’s relationships with his family members are also strained, which could be a contributing factor to his perceived decline. In season two, we see him betray his son Kendall by forcing him to take the fall for a financial scandal. This action not only damages their relationship but also creates a rift within the entire family. In season three, Logan’s daughter, Shiv, is gunning for his position as CEO, which adds further tension to an already fraught dynamic.

In conclusion, it is difficult to say definitively whether Logan Roy is losing it, as there are several factors at play. However, his physical health, erratic behavior, and strained relationships with his family suggest that he is under immense pressure and could be headed towards a breakdown. As viewers, we can only wait and see how things unfold in the upcoming episodes, and whether Logan will be able to weather the storm or succumb to the pressures of his position. Succession fans are eager to see what happens next in the power struggle of the Roys.