Jack Antonoff was advised on his new album by Bruce Springsteen, Lana Del Rey, Taylor Swift and Lord.

The singer and producer is not trying to make an “Anyone in the World” record and is grateful to have many other artists on him, so a few before release. Just sharing his music with people. Your feedback on the upcoming LP “Take the Sadness Out of Saturday Night” has been very helpful.

He told Rolling Stone magazine, “The best records are made up of a few people who really believe in something. My group is like my manager, my A&R guy who doesn’t even work on my label anymore. Someone very close to me and my family and some artists like Lana [Del Ray]..I always play something for Ella [Lorde].. Of course, Taylor.

“Blues [Springsteen] I am deep in the group. I recently played him all the records. We took a ride and heard it. If I want to make an album that everyone in the world will love, I ask everyone in the world, but I try to make an album for my people. So I play it for my people. “

Jack got “endless” feedback from the singer and took up her advice, but not only the opinions of fellow musicians are important to him.

When asked what feedback they would give him, he said, “Endless. I wasn’t exactly sure if the ’91’ would open the album. Bruce said, “No, it’s a move.”

“Taylor was a big part of what made me come up with ‘I Wanna Get Better’. I sent her song for the first Bleachers album. Maybe ‘roller coaster’ I thought it should come first. It’s too safe.

“’I Wanna Get Better’ is a 3 minute life story from a ******, and I heard it because I really respect it.

“But everyone in the world is a kind of equality. My mother’s entry is just as valid. “

Jack Antonoff advised by other musicians | Entertainment news

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