James Carville Says Sen. Kyrsten Sinema’s Not Going To Win A Democratic Primary

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Democratic strategist James Carville said that he would personally volunteer to help Rep. Reuben Gallego beat Sen. Kyrsten Sinema and that she will never win a Democratic primary.

Carville said to Vox when asked what Sen. Sinema is thinking, “I can’t explain it, and no one else can. The only explanation people have given is that she wants to be the next John McCain. But she’s not going to win a primary against Rep. Ruben Gallego, I’ll tell you that damn much. And I will personally volunteer to help him fundraise because I think we can keep that seat if he runs.”

Sinema’s behavior has united the Democratic Party to such a degree that both James Carville and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) are ready to step in and work to beat her in a 2024 Arizona Democratic primary.

The suspicion has been that Sen. Sinema will declare herself an Independent and try to hold on to her seat that way. She could lose the primary to Rep. Gallego then run as an Independent in a three-way race for the Senate seat.

James Carville is known for his big and entertaining statements, but in this case, his analysis appears to be on the spot.

If Democrats primary Sen. Sinema, it is difficult to see how she wins against a popular and well-known challenger like Rep. Gallego. Sinema doesn’t talk to her constituents and appears to have no interest in listening to them, so if she wants to keep her seat, it would be wise to start listening to her constituents because the party is unified in beating her in a primary.

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