Alternative singer / songwriter booked. Return to Vienna club

Despite being one of Nashville’s most promising songwriters, Cory Branan has always found it “too punk” in the country scene. The singer is known for his deep lyrics and alternative sounds and his latest album “Adios” proves that his songs are really versatile.

A pandemic broke out last year when a 46-year-old woman found even stronger support and his career appeared to be stagnating.

“I thought I could be two years off so I almost got a home rig and have a rabbit hole in everything I’ve avoided in the studio for over 20 years. I got out. Recoding, engineering, mixing, mastering, ”says Brannan. “I started with the fans requesting, covering, and broadcasting the song, and I made sure I was still playing and singing.”

He kept it sharp and soon came back when the tour opportunity arose again. On June 19, Branan will be one of the first stations to travel to Jamin Java since the pandemic.

“I’ve played here before and it’s a great place to get nice people together,” he said. “I’m just going to do a few shows on the east coast and then go to the west coast this fall and just play as much as I can.”

It’s been three years since “Adios” came out and Brannan has written a lot of material since then, but I don’t know what he can really do with his next work.

“I hope to sign a new contract by then and get a record for next spring with the idea of ​​taking a short break after this run and before autumn,” he said. “I’m sitting on three or four records in my head so I don’t know which to choose, but there is no doubt that something is coming.”

His other four full-length releases range from “The Hell You Say” in 2002 to “12 Songs” in 2006, “Mutt” in 2012 and “The No-Hit Wonder” in 2014.

Brannan’s music has been criticized by Rolling Stone, the Wall Street Journal, Southern Living, and many others. He is often praised for his lyrics and his unique style.

He feels like his style will inevitably be influenced by a pandemic, but he hopes his fans will be with him when he next unleashes the sound of his signature on something. is. Brannan likes to stay in touch with his fans on social media and keep them updated on the latest happenings, such as the song’s thought process.

Brannan began his professional musical journey a little later than most. He started writing songs at the age of 25, and the songs kept going.

“I was always scared of my voice early on, but I signed a contract and switched from one label to the next,” he said. “I started the tour, but it didn’t stop. I didn’t have a lot of plans and you have to be prepared for a lot of changes in the industry. I can’t come up with a five-year plan. Just like that. I just want to go back and make music. I don’t think about anything anymore. ”

At the Jamin Java Show, the singer expects to play some of his most popular songs. But he’ll also dive into some of the new songs he mentioned and give fans a say in it.

“They usually do whatever they want to hear at the end of a set,” Brannan said. “It helps me keep going, changing things every night.”

He invites everyone at night and knows that it will be something special just to stand in front of the live crowd again.

“We all need that. I’m really excited to be back on the road and seeing all the good people in Virginia, ”said Brannan.