Jane Fonda went ‘weak at the knees’ around Tom Brady | Entertainment

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Jane Fonda went ‘weak at the knees’ around Tom Brady | Entertainment

Jane Fonda got “weak at the knees” when Tom Brady was filming ’80 For Brady’.

The 85-year-old actress stars with Lily Tomlin, Rita Moreno and Sally Field in the upcoming comedy, which sees four friends win tickets to the Super Bowl and make it their mission to meet the NFL star and the screen legend loved being around the hunky sportsman.

She said: “Oh yeah, his presence just filled up the whole trailer and I got weak in the knees. He was so sweet.”

But Rita quipped: “Boy, do I have bad knees. It has nothing to do with Tom Brady.”

Meanwhile, because Sally is a big football fan, she appointed herself the “welcoming committee” on set because she wanted the NFL stars who had cameos in the movie to feel at ease.

She explained to ‘Entertainment Tonight’: “I didn’t want them to feel- you know, they’re coming on our turf now.

“I would feel really scared if I were going on a football field and playing football.

“So I stood out there and welcomed them and drove up and said, ‘Hi, I’m Sally. Can I get you some coffee?'”

The quartet had a great time making the movie but Jane pushed Rita too far during the filming of one scene.

She recalled: “We were all working together and everybody had to move very fast and be in the right place at the right time… Having worked seven years with Lily, I was used to kind of pushing her around if she was a little bit off her mark.

“Rita was, there was a problem, she wasn’t moving fast enough to her seat so that then Lily could come, so I pulled on her jacket and I think I pushed her at one point…”

Rita interrupted: “And I was offended.”

But the ‘West Side Story’ actress quickly called her co-star out on the incident, and Jane was pleased they had it out in the open.

Jane said: “[Over] the weekend, she sent me a text and she said, ‘Not on my watch. I am 90 years old, you do not treat me like that. This is a film about women’s friendship and that will not stand, that kind of behaviour. You cannot push me and you cannot do that.

“And I was just like, oh that is so great, because you know what a guy would have done? He would’ve harboured a grudge.

“She got it out and she didn’t harbour it for the whole [movie], you know?”