JD Vance Goes Full Brownshirt And Says Government Should Punish “Woke” Companies

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Ohio US Senate candidate JD Vance suggested that the govt really should punish firms and endowments that are on the “wrong side” of the society war.

Online video:

OH Sen applicant JD Vance claims that the GOP must struggle back again from “woke” corps and endowments with something that seems fairly Marxist to me: “Maybe it’s time to .. seize the endowment .. penalize these endowments for currently being on the erroneous side of these culture war problems.” pic.twitter.com/zdx0CmSg27

— Ron Filipkowski (@RonFilipkowski) Oct 1, 2021

Vance explained, “Unless you are eager to make these individuals feel economic discomfort, there is no really serious way to battle back again towards it. Google, Apple, Delta, they are not heading to stop beating up on Georgia for passing frequent-feeling voter integrity steps just because we complain about it. Harvard College Endowment has a zero per cent tax fee. Probably it’s time to tax the endowment? Seize the endowment, essentially penalize these endowments for getting on the completely wrong facet of some of these lifestyle war concerns.”

JD Vance Is Suggesting Authoritarianism

Vance needs to punish businesses and seize the endowments of universities that keep a unique stage of view than he does on society war challenges.

That is authoritarianism. Vance is suggesting that providers and establishments of larger education have to follow the authorities line, or they will be punished.

JD Vance wishes an The usa that is like China or North Korea.

Flexibility will exist at the whim of the condition.

The Republican danger to democracy is normally expressed in theoretical phrases, but JD Vance’s assertion was obvious and immediate.

A the vast majority of Trump voters want to secede from the Union while they are advocating for the destruction of democracy.

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