Jen Psaki Shuts Down Peter Doocy’s Racist Biden Border Propaganda

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Jen Psaki wasn’t having any of Peter Doocy trying to spread Fox News propaganda about Biden giving immigrants cell phones at the border.


Peter Doocy tries to spread hysteria over Biden giving smartphones to immigrants at the border, so Jen Psaki explains to him how tracking technology works.

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) April 6, 2022

Doocy started with, “Thank you, our team in Texas is saying you guys are starting to get smart phones to border crossers hoping they will use the phones to check in order to be tracked. Which part of that is to deter people from crossing illegally into the states?”

Psaki explained how tracking technology works, “I think you’ve all people would recognize that we need to take steps to ensure that we know where individuals are and we can check in with them. The alternatives to detention program is what we utilize as technology to monitor participants enrolled in the program. Telephonic uses a voice to create a voice print during the enrollment process. When they have a check in call, their voice is compared to the voice print. Smart link enables monitoring via smart phone or tablet to establish identity. Global tracking using satellite technology through an ankle bracelet. This is all part of our effort as individuals come into the United States and entering who proceed to immigration proceedings to monitor and track where they are.”

Doocy asked, “The main concern that these migrants will take the phones and just toss them?”

 Psaki replied, “Do you have a record of people throwing phones away?”

 Doocy said, “I’m just asking if that is a concern.”

Psaki shut it down, “We want to make sure that those who migrate to the United States proceed through our process of being monitored and also participating in hearings to determine whether or not they will be able to stay. Nearly 80% of citizens released at the border under discretion have received a notice to appear or steer within their window to report. The vast majority of people are appearing and we have these monitoring systems in order to do that effectively.”

Jen Psaki will be leaving the White House in a little more than month, but her ability to shut down and stop Fox News propaganda at these briefings must continue.

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