Jeremy Renner’s family turn ICU visit to ‘amazing spa day’

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Jeremy Renner family turn ICU visit to ‘amazing spa day’

Jeremy Renner shows off how his spa day in the ICU is going, with his mom and sister.

For those unversed Renner was recently hospitalized following an incident with a snowplow and is currently recovering in a local hospital.

To mark his family’s visit to the ICU, Renner taped his “amazing spa day”.

The video has been shared to Twitter and includes a candid tape of his sister massaging his scalp, while his mother stands close to the supplies.

He even captioned the post with the words, “A “not no great” ICU DAY, turned to amazing spa day with my sis and mama. Thank you sooooo much”.

Check it out Below:

This comes a day after the Washoe County Sheriff Darin Balaam told The Associated Press about Renner’s injuries.