Jessica Biel feels like she has “a thousand” children.

The former 7th Heaven star and husband Justin Timberlake are parents to Silas, six and Phineas, ten months. She admitted that life has become a “wild, wild ride” since they welcomed their second son into the world.

When asked if it is more difficult to have two children than one, Jessica said, “A very wise friend of mine said, ‘One is a lot. And two is a thousand. This is exactly what it feels like. Man defense, one person is here, a person is over there. It’s a wild, wild ride. “

But ‘The Sinner’ star admitted that Phineas made it easier to get through the baby stages before, and they are currently training him more successfully than they were when Silas was.

She told talk show host Ellen DeGeneres, “It’s so hard to make her cry for even a few minutes. This is the sleep training we did. Phin did a lovely job.

“We never really accompanied Silas in sleep training in a big way. I think it was because he was a first child, we were nervous, we couldn’t take the thought. Now it’s like, ‘Yes, yes, yes it you’ll be fine. You’ll be fine. You’ll be fine. ‘””

And the couple love the bond between their two children.

Jessica enthused: “It’s so cute to see these two together. They both think the other is funny. Silas, he’s the actor, he wants to make the jokes and he wants all the attention, so Phin only has eyes for him. Everything Silas does is funny and everything Phin does is funny. So they just laugh at each other all day. “