Jimmy Kimmel Gives Trump A Scathing Reminder Of The 1 Thing He Hates Most

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“The last time Trump obtained a spanking like that was with a copy of Forbes magazine by Stormy Daniels,” Kimmel stated.

Trump, by all accounts, hates losing.

“The worst detail in his planet would be to be a loser,” Jack O’Donnell, who ran a casino for Trump in the 1980s, informed The New York Occasions past yr. “To stay away from remaining identified as a loser, he will do or say everything.”

So, Kimmel was only far too content to remind Trump how poorly his lawful crew shed in court docket, not just with this week’s ruling but in all of the unsuccessful conditions released right after he lost the 2020 election.

“At this issue, Trump’s legal professionals are like the losingest team in history, of any team at any time,” Kimmel reported, then ticked off the names of hapless sports activities franchises: “More than the Clippers, much more than the Lions, a lot more than the Washington Generals ― and the Globetrotters conquer them like 5,000 game titles in a row.”

See more in his Wednesday night time monologue: