Jimmy Kimmel Rips Ted Cruz For Being A Sorry Excuse For An American

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Late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel has never been one to shy away from pushing buttons and calling out those who deserve it. Recently, Kimmel set his sights on Senator Ted Cruz, ripping him apart for his un-American behavior and overall sorry excuse of a politician.

When word spread that Ted Cruz had fled Texas during a deadly winter storm, leaving his constituents to suffer without power, heat, and water, the internet was rightfully outraged. Many called for Cruz’s resignation, while others took to social media to express their disappointment and disgust.

But no one has quite made an impact on the situation like Jimmy Kimmel. In a recent episode of his talk show, Kimmel used his platform to call out Cruz for his behavior, stating that “Ted Cruz is not welcome in Cancun, but he’s not welcome in Texas either.”

Kimmel went on to deliver blistering commentary on Cruz’s actions. He recounted how Cruz initially claimed he was merely accompanying his daughters on a trip down to Mexico, a statement that proved to be untrue. Instead, Cruz had booked his own vacation at the Ritz-Carlton in Cancun while millions of Texans were struggling to survive in near-unlivable conditions.

Furthermore, Kimmel criticized Cruz’s posturing and performative gestures during his brief return to Texas. Much like politicians before him, Cruz took the opportunity to stage photo ops, including handing out cans of water to desperate Texans. Kimmel pointed out the hypocrisy of Cruz, who had previously mocked the idea of being a “show horse” rather than a “workhorse” during an interview on Hannity.

So why is Cruz such a sorry excuse for an American? Kimmel may have said it best when he declared that “Ted Cruz is the kind of guy who, when you return a wallet with $500 in it, he takes $200 for himself and then tries to tell you he’s doing you a favor.” In other words, Cruz is a selfish, opportunistic politician who has little concern for the wellbeing of his constituents.

In times of crisis, we look to our leaders to offer guidance, solutions, and empathy. For Ted Cruz, however, it seems that personal gain comes first. Whether it’s hosting Super Bowl parties during a pandemic or trying to overturn the results of a democratic election, Cruz has consistently shown that he is not cut out for the job of a public servant.

Kimmel’s scathing commentary on Cruz serves as a wake-up call to all Americans. We cannot allow our representatives to act with such disregard for our wellbeing and expect them to get away with it. It’s time to hold our politicians accountable and demand better from those who claim to serve us.

In the end, Kimmel’s message is clear: Ted Cruz is a sorry excuse for an American, and we deserve better. It’s time for us to take action and demand a government that truly works for the people.