PARIS (AP) – Unemployed French cultural and tourism workers occupy an iconic theater on Paris’s left bank to call for more government support after a year of pandemic that devastated their incomes and secured their livelihoods indefinitely.

With sleeping bags and food, they settled down in the ornate lobby and the velvety balconies of the 19th century Odeon Theater until they were aware of their requirements.

About 50 people occupied the theater from Thursday and unfolded trade union banners on the pillar facade with the words “Culture sacrificed” and “Six out of ten unemployed people who were not compensated – scandal!”

Her calls include another year of special government aid to seasonal theater workers who often struggle to make ends meet but have been particularly crippled since the virus outbreak. French theaters, cinemas, museums and attractions were closed for much of the past year as part of government virus protection measures, and no plans to reopen have been announced.

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