Joe Exotic Taunts Trump From Prison: ‘I Will Save You A Bunk And A Bed Roll’

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Joe Exotic Taunts Trump From Prison: ‘I Will Save You A Bunk And A Bed Roll’

Joe Exotic is no stranger to the headlines. Infamous for his Netflix docuseries, “Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness,” Joe Exotic has once again grabbed the public’s attention. From behind bars, he is now taunting former President Donald Trump, offering him a bunk and a bed roll in his prison cell. This bizarre offer has again put Joe Exotic at the forefront of the news cycle, revealing his idiosyncratic personality and his unyielding desire for freedom.

Joe Exotic, whose real name is Joseph Maldonado-Passage, became a household name in 2020 due to the release of the “Tiger King” docuseries. The show followed the story of the colorful zoo owner who bred and raised tigers, engaged in a bitter feud with animal rights activists, and was eventually imprisoned for a murder-for-hire plot against animal activist Carole Baskin.

Joe’s latest antics are a direct result of Donald Trump’s recent decision to grant presidential pardons. Following his loss in the 2020 Presidential Elections, Donald Trump issued a series of pardons to various individuals, some of whom were involved in high-profile cases. Joe Exotic was hopeful that he would be included in the list of pardoned individuals, but his name was not on the list. In response, Joe Exotic wrote an open letter to Donald Trump, offering him a bed and breakfast in his cell.

“Dear Donald,” the letter reads, “I was pleased to learn that you had opened an orange gate to freedom for some of your loyal cronies.” Joe went on to express his disappointment at not being granted a pardon, before reminding Trump that he had once declared Joe’s innocence in the murder-for-hire case. “I know you are busy,” the letter continued, “but here is an idea that may interest you. I have a hair stylist who can do your hair, and I can save you a bunk and a bed roll. You and your family can stay in my old trailer if you want. It’s not Trump Tower, but it’s clean and safe.”

Joe Exotic’s offer to Trump is clearly meant to be humorous and confrontational. It reveals the extent to which Joe Exotic is willing to go to get attention and achieve his goals. It also indicates Joe’s desperation, as he knows that he faces a long time in prison, and that his only hope of ever seeing the outside world again is through a presidential pardon or clemency. But Joe’s bid for Trump’s attention is not limited to his open letter. He also recently launched a $94 million lawsuit against the US Department of Justice and several individuals, including Jeff Lowe, Carole Baskin, and a federal agent who led the investigation against him.

The lawsuit accuses these individuals of a range of crimes, including perjury, conspiracy to commit perjury, and tampering with witnesses and evidence. Joe also claims that he was wrongly convicted and that his civil rights were violated. There is no doubt that the lawsuit is a long shot, but it offers another illustration of Joe’s resilience and his desire to emerge victorious from his legal battles.

Joe Exotic’s antics may seem bizarre and comical, but they also reveal a darker side to his personality. Joe is a convicted criminal, who has been found guilty of serious crimes. He has been accused of breeding tigers without proper care, administering unlawful drugs to animals, and hiring hitmen to commit murder. His bizarre offer to Trump should not detract from his criminal past, nor should it lead anyone to believe that Joe is a harmless eccentric.

Joe Exotic’s open letter to Donald Trump is just another episode in a long and crazy saga. It reveals his unyielding desire for freedom, his preoccupation with fame, and his willingness to go to any lengths to achieve his goals. Only time will tell what the future holds for Joe Exotic, but one thing is for certain; his story is far from over.

In conclusion, Joe Exotic’s latest taunt to Donald Trump is a product of his unyielding desire to remain in the spotlight. It is a manifestation of his desperation and his attempts to gain attention and achieve his goals. But it is also a reminder that Joe is a convicted criminal, who has been found guilty of serious crimes. His bizarre offer to Trump should not detract from his past or minimize the severity of his crimes. Joe Exotic’s legal battles may continue, but his claims to innocence should not be taken at face value, nor should his antics be interpreted as harmless.