John Oliver Destroys Abortion Pill Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk

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On a recent episode of “Last Week Tonight,” John Oliver took on Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk, a nominee to the federal bench who has come under fire for his extreme views on reproductive rights. Kacsmaryk has been called an anti-choice zealot and has a history of fighting against access to contraception and abortion. Oliver picked apart Kacsmaryk’s arguments and showed why his views are dangerous and harmful to women.

The segment began with Oliver addressing the recent controversy over the so-called “abortion pill reversal” procedure, which claims to be able to reverse the effects of the abortion pill. Oliver pointed out the flaws in the procedure, which has never been scientifically proven to be effective and which can actually put women’s lives at risk by forcing them to continue with unwanted pregnancies. He then turned his attention to Kacsmaryk, who has been a vocal supporter of “abortion pill reversal” and other anti-abortion measures.

Oliver dived into Kacsmaryk’s background, which includes a long history of opposing reproductive rights. Kacsmaryk has argued against access to contraception, claiming that it is a form of abortion, and has fought against laws that require employers to cover birth control in their health insurance plans. He has also argued that same-sex marriage is a threat to religious freedom and has taken many other extreme positions on social and political issues.

So why is Kacsmaryk so dangerous? Oliver argues that he represents a larger movement of right-wing judges who are intent on rolling back the clock on reproductive rights and other progressive causes. These judges, who are being appointed at an unprecedented rate by the Trump administration, are part of a concerted effort to reshape the federal judiciary in a more conservative image.

Oliver points out that Kacsmaryk’s views are not representative of the majority of Americans, who overwhelmingly support access to contraception and abortion. He argues that Kacsmaryk’s nomination is part of a larger assault on women’s rights that is happening across the country.

The segment then takes a deeper dive into the legal arguments Kacsmaryk has made in support of his anti-abortion views. Oliver highlights Kacsmaryk’s use of loaded language and misleading statistics to bolster his arguments. For example, Kacsmaryk has argued that abortion is a form of eugenics, which Oliver points out is a wildly inaccurate and inflammatory claim.

Oliver also takes issue with Kacsmaryk’s use of cherry-picked statistics to make his case. Kacsmaryk has claimed that abortion is a dangerous procedure that puts women at risk of death or injury. Oliver points out that this is simply not true – in fact, abortion is one of the safest medical procedures available, with a lower complication rate than common procedures like wisdom teeth removal.

One of the most striking moments of the segment comes when Oliver plays a clip of Kacsmaryk being questioned at his confirmation hearing, in which he seems to suggest that women who have abortions are somehow more prone to violence. Oliver takes this argument apart, pointing out that women who are denied abortions are actually much more likely to experience domestic violence and other forms of abuse.

Oliver ends the segment by pointing out that Kacsmaryk’s nomination is just one piece of a larger puzzle. The Trump administration’s efforts to stack the federal judiciary with conservative judges will have long-lasting repercussions for the country, and it is up to all of us to stay informed and engaged in the fight for reproductive rights and other progressive causes.

In conclusion, John Oliver’s takedown of Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk was a powerful and informative segment that highlights the dangerous views of this anti-choice extremist. Kacsmaryk’s nomination to the federal bench represents a larger threat to women’s rights and other progressive causes, and it is up to all of us to stay vigilant and fight back against this assault on our rights and freedoms.