The Last Week Tonight host takes a look at COVID-19 and how future infectious diseases can be limited.

John Oliver is back with some grim news.

On Sunday, the comedian returned to HBO fresh from hiatus and ready to discuss the one topic “no one wants to hear” about: the pandemic. But it’s not the current pandemic Oliver wants to focus on, it’s the next big outbreak of disease.

During the episode of Last Week Tonight, Oliver really dug into the what the next pandemic might look like, but first offered this disclaimer: “If you want to see a British person do something hot or interesting, go watch Bridgerton.” With that out of the way, Oliver went on to warn that “scientists attempted to warn us about ‘the next pandemic’ long before the current one hit and we didn’t really listen.”

Oliver then stated that if we’re not careful and actually start listening, the next pandemic could be even worse. “Unfortunately, there is every chance that after all this is over, we’ll end up treating the coronavirus like a really bad fart at Thanksgiving,” he said. “That is, waiting patiently for it to dissipate so we can never speak of it again and collectively pretend that it didn’t just kill grandma.” With that, Oliver delved into the history of the COVID-19 and looked ahead to what we can do to limit further infectious diseases from breaking out.