Judge Jeanine defends Border Patrol against Biden’s ‘lies’

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Decide Jeanine Pirro defended Border Patrol brokers Saturday on “Justice with Judge Jeanine,” and criticized the Biden administration for the mounting disaster at the southern border. 

Decide JEANINE PIRRO: This 7 days, the Biden administration informed us that countless numbers of Haitians camped beneath that bridge in Del Rio, Texas face quick expulsion to Haiti. But the Linked Press claims all those exact same illegal Haitians in Del Rio have been staying released into the interior of the United States on a very, very huge scale, not flown household as Biden promised. So who to feel? 

Yesterday,  homeland protection secretary, clueless Alejandro Mayorkas cleared everything up. The prior administration left us in a mess, and the technique is broken. Seriously? The process is not broken. The still left only refuses to observe the law, and the president is not fulfilling his constitutional responsibility. Mayorkas suggests 30,000, not 15,000 Haitian illegals have been eradicated from Del Rio. Oh, that was quick.

What we know for positive is that flights and busses are likely into the interior of the United States loaded with Haitians, to Arizona, Texas, New York, Florida beneath address of darkness. So what could possibly go wrong? 

The still left, however, is relaxed lying to you, with Biden blaming Border Patrol for the disaster at the border. 

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