Jungkook from BTS goes viral for his Arirang performance

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Fans are stunned by the singer’s vocals during the performance

BTS member Jungkook is going viral for his performance of the song Arirang. The singer has the most viewed hashtag on TikTok for an individual artist and fans on the app are losing it over his low register when performing.

Arirang is a traditional Korean folk song which was covered by BTS back in 2016. Fans are gushing over the performance and how Jungkook is able to perform the song in such a low register.

He now has around 174B views on his individual artist hashtag on TikTok. The singer is constantly going viral on the app for things like getting a new haircut, singing a short cover on a live broadcast or showing off his piercings.

Though his popularity isn’t just limited to social media, he became the first Korean artist to perform at the FIFA World Cup. His song Dreamers which was released specifically for the World Cup broke multiple records and topped charts worldwide.