Justin Bieber is grateful for the opportunity to “grow” in his relationship.

The hit maker “What Do You Mean”, who has been married to Hailey Bieber for over two years, considers it a “blessing” to be able to grow and watch your own potential “bloom”.

He shared on Instagram: “Tryna finds this deeeeeep bag …” So it’s fun to use our potential and watch it bloom. So grateful for the gifts God has given me is my hope to grow into all that God has for me in all areas of my life.

“First and foremost, my relationship with my incredible wife. What a blessing to have the opportunity to grow. God uses our potential to unlock our purpose! Go there today and maximize your potential and watch its fulfillment.” starts to grow in your heart.! (sic) “

Meanwhile, Hailey previously admitted that she becomes “jealous” of her relationship with Justin.

When asked if she was jealous, she said, “I think jealousy is a normal, natural, human feeling. It will happen to whoever I like. If I could take the jealousy out of my body, I would, but I would I can and no one can. I know that for someone in their position there will always be people who don’t care that they are married and they will try [to flirt with him] whatever. It’s only up to you not to let anyone believe they can get this far. “

And when it comes to arguments, the two try not to “poke into the past” and also pay attention to how they talk to each other to make their relationship so successful.

Hailey stated, “We have a thing about tone, too. Nobody wants to react to someone who attacks you, yells at you, or raises their voice.

“For him there was a lot of tone of voice because when I get cheered on, I get cheered. I’m from New York and I get loud and talk with my hands … He’s a nice, relaxed Canadian.”