Kaley Cuoco “asked” Rosie Perez to appear on “The Flight Attendant”.

Former “Big Bang Theory” actress stars as Cassie and also produced the series, admitting that once the project went into development she was desperate to land the “Do the Right Thing” star, to play Megan – although she hates to travel.

Speaking to Heat magazine, Kaley admitted, “I asked her. I say, “Please, you are the vision we had for this role. You are the one we wanted from day one. ‘

“I said, ‘You are all I see in it. Please!’ ”

And Kaley was just as excited to bring Girls star Zosia Mamet on board as Annie.

She said, “When Zosia walked into the room, we were so excited that she even came in to read.

“That was before COVID and we could touch. I touched her, hugged her, kissed her and everyone asked me the same thing, “Oh my god, you obviously worked together,” but we hadn’t.

“It was a Kismet friendship from the start, and it blossomed in front of the camera. It was just something special. “

The actress almost “cried” during filming because she was so overwhelmed by the power of her co-stars’ performances.

She said, “Rosie and Zosia are so good at this project, it’s so beyond.

“I think I looked at Rosie once and – because it’s been three years for me since I saw this book [which the show is based on] – So I looked at Rosie in one scene and almost cried and said, “I can’t believe you’re in front of me and we’ll do this together.”

“It was just so overwhelming to be in this room with her. And that’s how I feel with Z. It was just an absolute dream, the whole cast. “