Kendall Jenner is addicted to social media.

The 25-year-old model and reality star has admitted that she’s not “proud” of her current relationship with social media sites because she spends too much time scrolling on sites like Twitter and Instagram.

She said, “My relationship with social media is a little bit addicting right now, which I don’t like and I’m not proud to say that… but I also think this is something that probably most of us can relate to .

“I don’t like the need to have social media at all. There is really no escape. “

Kendall also insisted that she doesn’t like the way the internet allows “moments this small” to be taken out of context, which often means that people claim “a false narration” about her.

During an interview with Vogue magazine’s Open Minded: Unpacking Anxiety series, she added, “One of the things that boils my blood, that really frustrates me, and I think makes me most upset, is when someone gives the wrong narration for asserted me. I think the internet is based on such small moments with no context. They don’t know the before or the after and they’ll take that and run with it and then judge you completely on that one little thing.

“I have moments when I feel like I’m breaking or can’t take it anymore because sometimes it feels like I can never do anything right.”

Meanwhile, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star recently said she has been hospitalized in the past for fear that it can get so bad she feels like she is dying.

She said, “I think being overworked and being in the situation I am in has in some ways got it out of control. I’ve had times when I felt like I needed to be taken to the hospital because I think my heart is failing and I can’t breathe and I need someone to help me. Sometimes I think I’m dying. “