Kendall Jenner suffered from “very bad panic attacks”.

The “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star shared her experience with fear, admitting that she had palpitations and could not breathe during the attacks.

In a preview clip before her four-part series with Vogue called ‘Open Minded’, she said, “Two or three years ago I had really, really bad panic attacks. I was scared in the middle of my sleep. I literally felt my heart palpitations. I couldn’t breathe. I was pretty bad. “

Meanwhile, Kendall previously admitted that she was “struggling a little” with her sanity.

She said, “I was really, really young and I remember not being able to – feeling like I couldn’t breathe and vent to my mother and say, ‘Mom, I feel like I can’t breathe. Something must be wrong. ”And of course she took me to a group of doctors just to make sure I was physically okay, and so am I. Nobody ever told me I was scared . “Maybe it came back in full three or four years ago. I have insane panic attacks. I finally got the information I needed to do this. “

However, once Kendall knew what she was struggling with, she found new ways to deal with it.

She added, “On the days when I’m not so busy, I tend to get a little anxious and calm down. Usually I read a book or meditate …

“For me, I have good days and I have some really anxious days, so I really do … Now and then, it is more important than ever that we come together to foster acceptance and inspire hope.”