Kevin McCarthy Loses It When Asked Why Only Speaking Out Against Trump Gets Punished

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Rep. Kevin McCarthy couldn’t maintain it together when he was questioned why Republicans only get punished when they discuss out against Trump?

Online video of McCarthy:

Kevin McCarthy gets of course upset and raises his voice when a reporter asks, “Why do Republicans not feel compelled to maintain any type of punishment for any of their members on any of these other things on which Democrats have been so upset about?”

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) November 18, 2021

McCarthy was asked,  “Why is it the only thing Republicans will punish 1 of their personal associates for in this congress is speaking out versus Donald Trump? “

At first, he attempted to enjoy dumb, “I do not realize your concern. “

The reporter attempted once more, “The only Republican member who has been in any way punished by the — is Liz Cheney — “

McCarthy started dancing, “Did she reduce a committee? “

The reporter pressed on, “She misplaced her part in the Republican meeting I know you had been there.”

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McCarthy performed semantics, “She not get punished by that she missing an election. People go up for election all the time. No bases there.”

The stick to-up concern arrived, “Why do Republicans not truly feel compelled to hold any kind of punishment for any of their users on any of these other factors on which Democrats have been so upset about?”

McCarthy started out raising his voice, “Let’s converse about this. Democrats have been so upset about, were they upset when Maxine Waters instructed people — With all owing regard, I will answer your concern in the way in which I have the proper to.”

McCarthy first tried to pretend like he did not recognize the dilemma. After that failed, he attempted to modify the subject. When that did not work, he started out arguing with the reporter.

The American people today are catching on. The only punishable offense in the Republican Get together is speaking out from Trump.

Kevin McCarthy is revealing himself to Trump’s puppet, and he does not recognize having power at the knee of Donald Trump is the exact same as getting no electrical power at all.

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